Sketch Navigation Concept

I recently started using Sketch on iOS and found it really frustrating to navigate between Workspaces. So I took a stab at designing a simplified navigation as a fun design exercise.

Created in Sketch + Principle.

InVision Flowchart Mode Concept

I use InVision every day, and every day I dream about them having a feature like this. Don’t get me wrong, I love InVision. It’s an incredibly useful tool. But with a larger prototype, it can be really difficult to see and understand how everything fits together. This idea was partially inspired by a prototyping tool called FluidUI.

Some experimentation with the trim paths tool in After Effects. Rocket was drawn in Illustrator, then animated in After Effects.

Daily UI 009: Music Player

Inspired by Spotify’s UI, focused on simplifying the music player and creating smooth transitions.

Abortion Access Hackathon

Last weekend I participated in a 2-day hackathon focused on reproductive health and justice. I worked with an awesome team on building a responsive mobile-first site that would help women navigate their pregnancy options based on age, state, and length of pregnancy.

The project grew out of working with a local non-profit (San Francisco Sex Institute) that provides reproductive and sexual health information. They often answer calls from women, especially teens and young adults, trying to get more information about pregnancy options. Unfortunately, due to variations in state laws and a multitude of misinformation, it can be very hard to get a clear understanding of what your options are. Our goal was to create a simple, straightforward flow that asked for the least amount of information and presented clear, easy to understand options.

Another designer and I worked together to develop the flows, visual style, and layouts for desktop and mobile. I focused on the final mobile designs and created a prototype in InVision to easily share with the rest of the team. Icons are Font Awesome.

Daily UI 007: Settings

Created with Principle.

DailyUI 006: Profile screen

What my ideal running app would look like.

Daily UI 004: Calculator

Sketch + Principle, focused on micro-interactions and user feedback.

DailyUI 001: Sign Up

Created in Sketch + Principle.